Who We Are?

Eco-Waste Power (EWP) is a new leading-edge company that has taken over 40 years of research and testing with the sole belief that it will benefit the environment by diverting waste from landfills while providing cleaner energy products. EWP merges advanced energy industry technologies for creating sustainable alternative energy. We are proud to say we have enabled technology solutions to complete this task.

Extraordinary Experiences For Growing Problems

Municipalities have two major problems today.  Landfill waste and energy mandates requiring more and more green electricity. Only a third of all landfill waste is recycled, leading to an ever-increasing pile of waste that cities have to deal with (i.e. the local dump), which creates environmental concerns that threaten waterways, area contamination, and quality of life. Landfill waste continues to outpace recycling efforts.

In 2014, the two largest US landfill corporations accounted for 10B tons of waste per year.  Of that 10B only 33% is recycled, and 6% fuels waste energy plants.

Utility regulations get more and more eco-friendly each year, requiring cities and utility companies managing electric grids to import high-cost inconsistent wind and solar power from remote areas reducing any economic benefits.

Our Core Values

We believe our solution to the waste and energy problems confronted by municipalities is superior to conventional methods for providing waste management and renewable energy. The environmental benefits of integrating several proven and emerging technologies create sustainable services complementary to the environment. Our primary operations are waste and energy service and products that reduce dependance upon fossil fuels, divert MSW from landfill and the subsequent production of GHG, and reduce environmental harm with the use or cleaner alternative fuels.


Recycling waste for a greener future by generating electricity from trash by replacing refined fuels and diverting waste from landfills.  Converting waste into ultra-clean fuel. With each passing day, we are coming out with unique solutions to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.



Although reducing, reusing, and recycling are unquestionably preferable methods, the reality is that we still need alternatives for managing non-recyclable materials. To provide some perspective on the quantity of non-recyclables materials EWP would divert over 100,000 tons per year of waste generated in a community.


Waste-to-energy facilities add a 4th “R” to “reduce, reuse, recycle” hierarchy – RECOVER. After maximizing reduction, reuse, and recycling, waste-to-energy facilities recover energy from the remaining trash to generate substantial amounts of electricity.


Eco-Waste Power’s solution solves both of these problems by creating Zero-Waste-To-Energy (Z-Wte) plants that turn landfill waste into eco-friendly electricity and hydrogen. The result is zero waste sent to landfills.  Waste reduction benefits local community efforts for green energy mandates and regulations while providing cheaper electricity.

How It Works

Eco-Waste Power’s solid waste gasifier would divert and consume 1000 tons per day of waste destined for a landfill. The waste is converted (not burned) without the need for coal, oil, or natural gas.  The plant produces both electricity and hydrogen without incineration (no ash) and can be configured to produce more of one or the other.


For example, the EWP facility would range from 50 MW electricity + 2000 Kg/day hydrogen for high energy demands to 10 MW electricity + 27000 Kg/day hydrogen when energy demands are low.

Diverting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from landfills to EWP advanced gasification facilities:

• Provides alternative fuels, such as methane and hydrogen
• Uses alternative fuels as well as heat to power generators and produces local green energy
• Converts MSW into inert and clean byproducts for resale (99.99% recycled)
• Reduces air pollution protecting the community
• Creates local sustainable communities
• Reduces landfill needs